Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 7:05 PM








by Alex Paull

PEEL Thunder players have joined with school kids to commemorate the Food Revolution: a cause to help teach kids about health and nutrition.

The program centres around schools reinforcing healthy eating behaviours from a young age, by replacing processed and junk food with fresh meals and bringing food education back into the classroom.

Peel stars Brennan Gillam, Jeff Carter, Brad Bromley and Isaac Wedderburn visited Halls Head Primary School on Tuesday and Ocean Road Primary School on Wednesday, along with players from the Mandurah Magic basketball team.

Peel, along with sponsor The Good Guys and the Mandurah Magic are proud to support this initiative, and it hopes the program will impact and benefit the local community, as well as change lifestyle and eating habits. 

PTFC will be celebrating the Food Revolution Day at Bendigo Bank Stadium on May 17 before the home game against South Fremantle.