Back to the Futures

Friday, February 21, 2020 - 2:39 PM by Owen Davies

Peel Thunder Football is back this weekend as our Futures side take the field against West Perth from 3pm at Anniversary Park in Rockingham.

Ahead of this weeks game we asked Futures Coach Glen Andrews a few questions about his expectations and what players to keep an eye out for over the next few months.

Owen Davies: Firstly as Futures is a relatively short season and there are no finals to speak of, as a coaching staff what do you see as success? Are wins and losses important? Or is it more just about development, seeing who can do what and preparing the players for Colts Footy? 

Glen Andrews: I think it is important to showcase each individual’s talent in this program, to give them every chance to be considered for state 16’s selection and Colts selection.  As a coaching staff we do want to be successful on field (what coach doesn’t) but having said this we would much rather see kids be selected for a state program and have the opportunity to play 1 or 2 colts games in 2020. For those players that are just off to look forward and hopefully see the majority of them make a colts squad in 2021. If this happens, I believe as a coaching staff we have succeeded.

OD: For people who don’t know, what is the link between Futures and Colts? Once the season for Futures ends in mid-April what happens to the Futures players for the rest of the season? 

GA: We are extremely lucky that we have such a tight coaching group at Peel Thunder between the two programs. At the moment the Futures are getting exposure to Colts training sessions by training with the colts squad already. This will happen more throughout the carnival too. As the Futures carnival concludes the players will return to their local clubs to start their seasons. Throughout the Colts season there will be opportunities for some of the boys to get more exposure with the colts program. I like to thank Mick Glassborow for letting the two programs be so close, it makes the transition from Futures to Colts football a lot more comfortable for the boys. 

OD: Is there anything as a Coaching staff you have looked at as a particular focus over pre-season? 

GA: As I mentioned before development is key. To get kids showcasing their talent so they are looked at for selection for Rep footy and Colts football. As a coaching staff if we have 3-4 members of the Futures squad play a colts game this season. I think we have done our job. 

OD: Are there any particular players who have stood-out or impressed you in pre-season? Any players that you think can take that step up to Colts this year?

GA: As a collective this group is a really special group when it comes to their skill and leadership. All 28 members of the squad have something about them that no one else in the squad has. Which makes my job a lot easier. They think outside of the box and throw suggestions at me left, right and centre and as a coach, knowing you have their brains ticking is really satisfying. I believe possibly 3-4 players are ready for the step up as of now, but after the carnival who knows could be up to 5-6 players.

OD: Have there been any surprises that have shown real improvement from last year? 

GA: As the 15s development carnival was in October last year it was a very quick turn around to Futures Pre-Season. I personally didn’t think I would notice much difference. It is incredible how quick these kids body shapes, attitudes and maturity changes in this short amount of time. A few kids have shot up and a few kids skill level has improved dramatically in that time.

We will look to catch up with Glen as the Futures season progresses. Be sure to check our Socials tomorrow for updates from tomorrows game! Remember you will have a chance to get a first hand look at the Futures in action next weekend on February 29th as they take on South Fremantle at the conclusion of the Fremantle vs Carlton Marsh Community Series game at David Grays Arena.