PTFC Rogers Cup Leadership Group

Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 3:16 PM

Congratulations to Peel Thunder's 2019 Rogers Cup Leadership Group

Captain - Emma Innes

Vice Captain - Kaitlyn Hayes

Deputy Vice Captain - Gracie Fenton

Leadership Group - Shauna Bicker and Sophie Johansen


Check out with Coach Stephen Markham had to say about the leaders:


Captain – Emma Innes:

Leads by example, very popular member of the team, her preparation and work rate is second to none at her level as is her ball willing ability.  Emma is a 2018 Rogers cup premiership player who  plays in the midfield, she is in the state academy and won a Bronze medal in the State 15’s in 2017.

Vice Captain – Kaitlyn Hayes :

Very popular member of the team.  Kaitlyn is a natural leader on and off the field and provides good direct to players around her when out on the ground.  Kaitlyn is the number 1 ruckman who can move Forward to be a marking tall.  Kaitlyn is a 2018 Rogers cup premiership player who is also in the state academy and won a Bronze medal in the state 15’s in 2017

Deputy Vice Captain– Gracie Fenton:

Gracie is hard running, ball magnet that loves the contest.  One of the youngest in the team but leads by example and is very popular amongst her peers.  Gracie is very versatile but her hunger for the contest and ball winning ability has her in the midfield most of the time.  Gracie is a 2018 Rogers cup premiership player who is the state academy who has represented WA for the state 15’s for the past 2 years and being awarded an All Australian in 2018.  Gracie won the 2018 Thunderbirds rising star award.

Leadership Group - Shauna Bicker:

Shauna is very popular amongst her peers and has been training the house down in preseason.  Shauna is a versatile player and hits the contest hard who has the ability to go forward and kick goals.  Shauna has been in the squad for the past two years and her constant improvement and commitment to the team has seen selected as a leader.   Shauna was in the 2018 Rogers cup premiership squad.

Leadership Group - Sophie Johansen:

Sophie has massive impact on the group with her loud voice and high energy levels.  Her attack on the contest and player is second to none and takes on players double her size.  Her directional talk and game awareness is very impressive for someone so young and sets players up around her well.  Sophie generally plays down back as she loves running straight lines but has the ability to play all over the ground.  Sophie is a 2018 Rogers cup premiership player.

Steve Markham

PTFC Rogers Cup Coach