Round 14 Q&A with colts coach Brad Dodd

Monday, July 9, 2018 - 3:16 PM





The Peel Thunder Colts were back in action last Saturday, taking on Subiaco at Leederville Oval. After the game we spoke with Head Coach, Brad Dodd.

A big win last week against Swan Districts, any changes to the side heading into the Subiaco game??

BD: Kyle White was unavailable this week as our Under 16’s headed to Melbourne to play a game against a local academy side. It’s a great initiative by our Talent Manager, John Deitz. The players go away and have 2-3 visits to AFL clubs as well as catch 3 AFL games. Jai Tregenza came in. Jai had a great pre-season and played our first 3 games. He’s had to wait patiently for another go and has had some injury setbacks along the way, but it was good to get him back in the side. 

A top of the table clash against Subiaco, with the winner going a game clear on the ladder, it was a tough and tight opening quarter. How you see it?

BD: We thought Subiaco started better, their pressure was excellent and we were playing a little wide. Our guys fumbled and made some basic mistakes: playing on off the mark and putting themselves under pressure, holding onto the ball too long,  things like that. All a reflection of the Subiaco pressure- real or perceived. But we managed to work our way into it and create an 8 point lead at the first break. 

Subiaco had the better of the 2nd term, not quite finishing off their work but opening up a 5 point lead going into half time. What was the message at the break??

BD: It was fairly clear that they were out-working us, especially through the Midfield, pushing harder and out-numbering at the next contest. This put our Backs under pressure. The message was fairly simple, we needed to start running. We made some slight personal changes in our Midfield to try and kick start our game. 

Peel had opportunities in the 3rd but wasted them, while Subiaco were very efficient moving it forward. Is that how you saw it?

BD: It was a disappointing quarter, we did create chances but our ball use was quite poor and we couldn’t hit the scoreboard. Subiaco got on top at the coal face and were able to find strong targets in attack in Martin and Mayo. Subiaco are extremely efficient going forward if they’re allowed to be. A combination of poor starting positions, conceding on the lead and slow transition played into their hands. 

What was the message at 3/4 time, 24 points down?

BD: There was still a strong belief that we could win the game but we needed our Midfield to lift, play a little more direct and take the game on while not rolling the dice defensively. 

In the end, despite threatening at times, Subiaco ran out clear winners by 27 points. What were your final impressions?

BD: A great test for our players. Subiaco are a well drilled, disciplined side who have shown to be the best team over the season so far. There are areas that we clearly need to get better at. We’d like to think we’re a pretty physical team but Subiaco showed that we still have some way to go in that regard. Our skills under pressure were poor and the lack of composure meant we struggled to score. Subiaco out-worked us for most of the day. 

Who were the better performers on the day?

BD: We thought Cam Gavin was the best of our Midfielders. Still needs to get more out of his possessions but continues to get better each week. Lee Chapman lowered his colours to Jack Mayo, the competitions leading goal kicker, but won some critical 1 on 1’s and competed hard. Jack Sears was excellent up forward, worked really hard for his 15 possessions. Kilian Rawson, Jake Howes and Jarvis Pina all had their moments. 

Another big challenge next week, taking on Perth at Lathlain Park. How have you seen Perth? 

BD: Perth beat us comfortably the last time we played them. They have a talented list with a strong midfield. It’ll be a great test for our Midfield going up against Sydney Stack, Luke English, Ian Hill and Deven Robertson.