Round 13 match report - Cam Shepherd

Monday, July 2, 2018 - 4:18 PM

There are going to be many games in the coming months that will shape the top 5. This was one of them. Both sides were desperate to remain in the hunt for September action.

It was really pleasing that the Peel boys worked hard enough for long enough to defeat the Swannies whom just wouldn’t lie down.

Capably led by Gerald Ugle in his 100th game and supported by Brad Hill, Harley Bennell, Taylin Duman and Brayden Lawler the game foundation was set up in the first quarter against the breeze outscoring the opposition 3.2 to 1.0.

If it wasn’t for poor kicking at goals the game should have been done by half time with Peels 7.7 (14 shots) to SD 4.1 (5 shots). That inconsistency in front of goals would haunt Peel all day in the end having 28 shots to 15.

It was great to see the boys dig in, in the last quarter when the game was up for grabs and Peel was short of available men with Boullineau, Harley Bennell and then Brad Hill finished for the day that the fighting qualities of the team shone through.

A great win. Now to take on the undefeated Subiaco next Friday.