Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 1:02 PM

League Report with Cam Shepherd
PT v Swan Districts

SD 15.12 (102) d PT 13.10 (88)

Peel suffered our first defeat since the last round of fixtures in 2017.  We ventured up to Bassendean Oval last Saturday to take on Swan Districts expecting, as we always do, a real battle.

To Swannies credit they jumped out from the start and played a brand of football that provided for a wonderful game between two determined sides.  We were really proud of our boys in the team to keep fighting when things were obviously not going our way on the injury front.

Being down to 21 at half time is not unusual in today's game.  Although we had lost big Sean Darcy to a knee injury we thought we were well in the game. Unfortunately we lost both Michael Tassone and Brady Grey early in the 3rd quarter , which put our planning in some jeopardy.  However we had a plan to cover those losses and still strived for victory in the last quarter, which was further complicated with the loss of Michael Apeness and then Tom North late in the game.  Talk about a war zone!

Even so, Swan Districts played really good footy and deserved the win.  Our players held their heads high as we battled it out to the end.  Notable performances from Danyle Pearce, Darcy Tucker, Ethan Hughes and Blair Bell with Ben Howlett playing a great last half.

We look forward to this week's home game against Perth.