Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 9:03 AM






The Peel Thunder Colts program recommenced after the break on Monday 15th January. The players had 27 days off, but were given a running and weights program. The time away is always a great test for developing footballers still learning the requirements and standards expected at this level. First up was the 2km test, in driving rain that refused to go away.

Despite the tough conditions, it was pretty evident from the times that the players had put the work in over the break, with most running around the same mark or better than when they were last tested.

Standout performers on the day were Bailey Taylor, Zach Rankin, Jake Howes, Jarvis Pina and James Wiltshire. Youngsters completing their first pre-seasons that ran strong times included Cam Gavin, Clifton Stack, Deon Welhan and Jackson Knight.

As a coaching group, we were really happy with the results and the way the players have come back. There’s a strong work ethic within the group and a resolve to improve individually and as a team. The full squad is now training together, with 9 players returning after completing the Senior pre-season before Xmas. All attacked it with vigour and hopefully we see a few impact at Senior level in 2018.

We continue to work hard with a camp in February rubber stamping our pre-season.

Brad Dodd