Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 3:11 PM

We returned from our Xmas break on Monday 8th January, and put the players through their paces with a 2km run. We were really pleased with the groups results which were in the main showing improvement on pre Xmas times.

Jacob Shine, Andrew Haydon ,Braydon Lawler, Blair Bell, Gerald Ugle, Robbie Schindler Taylor, Corey Morris, Michael Tassone, Brad Walsh, Traye Bennell, Kaine Ahchee and Ben Hancock continue to train well, setting high standards.

Its great to have Ben Howlett back at club and his understanding of the game and approach in driving the group has been evident even at this early stage. Leroy Jetta has been managed through a preseason on the back of his knee injury in 2018 and is looking in good form.

As has been widely noted Harley Bennell is back training at the club, and will do for a period of 8 weeks. He has joined in strongly.

We have high hopes for Alex Bray, Jordan Boullineau, Hayden Matthews , James Kirby and quite a few other younger players to continue their development in striving to be quality league players.

Our program will continue throughout January and into mid February before we get into game mode. Our focuses at this stage are Football, Conditioning and Strength (weights) with benchmarks and achievable goals being set.

All coaches have been positive and the mood is exciting.

Cam Shepherd