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AFL Auskick Benefits

It is important to ensure that everyone is aware that the cost is not for the pack … It is the cost to run the program in WA … the pack is a bonus to the program. 

The program costs cover everything from;

  • Insurance coverage for all Auskickers in WA,
  • Resource costs for the program,
  • Administration costs for the program (from a WA perspective),
  • Administration costs for the program (WA contributes to the overall AFL costs for this),
  • It covers the purchase of additional footballs for each centre (1 football for every 4 kids), and markers,
  • It covers shirts, jackets, hats and jumpers for all NAB AFL Auskick coordinators across the state,
  • It covers the provision of coaching resources for Auskick,
  • It also provides funding for the upgrade and development of new coaching resources,
  • It helps cover the costs of District Auskick resources ($600 given to each District and Region),
  • It covers the cost of purchasing tickets for every AFL game so that we can have Auskick kids & Little League kids play at half time (and their parents also attend) – this is approximately 230 tickets a week … which equates to over 5000 tickets a year) – clubs are rotated through this,
  • It covers the development and distribution of additional resources to the districts such as handball targets, markers, and any new resources developed and distributed.
  • It covers the costs of promotion & marketing of the Auskick product – registration flyers, posters, stickers, newspaper advertisements, TV commercials, etc
  • It helps cover the costs of the overall Play AFL Registration Campaign in WA,
  • It covers the cost of having Australia Post deliver in excess of 20,000 packs around WA,
  • It will help cover the initial set up costs for a new program (Kinder Kick) that we are developing to target early childhood development of gross motor skills.

So as you can see it is a pretty comprehensive list of what it covers.

The Auskick program still remains one of the most competitive in terms of price and value for money within the junior sports market. We are extremely proud to be able to offer a quality, fun and safe, program for our kids that has an estimated retail value of over $200 (including coaching and insurance benefits).

Get an awesome pack jammed full of gear when you register for NAB AFL Auskick in 2017 and have your pack which you can customise for yourself and have it sent directly to your front door.

Benefits Pack Includes:

Intro to Auskick (New Participant)

  • Synthetic Sherrin football
  • Awesome backpack
  • Door sign which can be custoumised
  • Bag tag
  • Football cards & album



AFL Club of Support (Returning Participant)

  • Synthetic Sherrin football
  • Awesome Lunch Box
  • AFL club of support shirt
  • Bag tag
  • Football cards